GRAVTY is the
CX Engine!
  • Customer Experience is the means…
  • Customer Engagement is the milestone….&
  • Customer Loyalty is the ultimate outcome!

GRAVTY delivers all the 3 key enablers that drive great customer experiences: Deep Customer insight, tools to to act on the insight at the right moment, right the place and with the right value-proposition and intelligence to measure the

  • Dynamic, real-time customer insight: transactional, analytical and behavioral
  • Complete Offer Lifecycle Management from Conception to Targeting, Design to Launch and Execution to Optimization, powered by AI/ML driven smart recommendations
  • Preconfigured Offer KPIs to ensure tight alignment between the target outcome of each tactic and your C-suite agenda
GRAVTY delivers on the

Art of Ecosystem Management

  • Successful Loyalty Programs require collaborative ecosystem that empowers all the stakeholders: Consumers, Partners and Employees to create, leverage and benefit from the the collective synergies.

GRAVTY is an adaptable platform, uniquely designed for multi-brand, multi-partner, coalition style loyalty businesses empowering the entire program ecosystem to maximize innovation, speed to market and the collective value-proposition

  • Federated operating model empowering program participants including group companies, partners, suppliers to maximize their Coalition DividendTM by directly participating in the program and implementing their customer strategies autonomously
  • Modern, feature-rich Web Portal to manage complete Partner Lifecycle Management from application to acceptance, operations to intelligence, and invoicing to settlement
  • Preconfigured Offer KPIs to ensure tight alignment between the target outcome of each tactic and your C-suite agenda Dynamic, real-time customer insight: transactional, analytical and behavioral
GRAVTY delivers on the

3-Dimensional Customer Value!

  • Measure, Master and Maximize Customer Value across 3-dimensions: Behaviors, Influences and Transactions

GRAVTY’s BIT ValueTM framework enables organization to get an objective measure of the real value each customer brings to the organization blending in not just their spend but also key cost-saving behaviors and revenue-amplifying influences.

  • Track and quantify desired behaviors and influences just like transactions through declarative rules
  • Recognize customers based on BIT Value, mastered as a part of Customer 360 (beyond traditional Tier-based recognition)
  • Leverage Customer’s BIT Value to deliver personalized and differentiated benefits and experiences, both via assisted and self-service touch-points
GRAVTY is an

Enterprise Innovation Center

  • The only way to stand apart from the crowd is to innovate beyond the standard ‘Terms and Conditions’…you know what we mean!

GRAVTY is designed for vibrant loyalty programs that innovate, evolve and optimize continuously to drive engagement and build intrigue and enthusiasm at every instance of engagement.

  • Powerful Visual Rules designer allows innovation that’s limited only by your imagination
  • Personalization at scale for every instance of customer engagement from Acquisition to Advocacy!
  • Time to market from ‘Concept-to-launch’ not in days or hours but in minutes
GRAVTY delivers

Integrated Payments with Loyalty

  • Leverage Loyalty program to drive profitable payment behavior and integrated payments to drive loyal behavior

GRAVTY delivers unified Payment capabilities with Loyalty that allows loyalty marketers to deliver unparalleled flexibility and convenience for payment while maximizing engagement and BIT Value.

  • Generic, integrated payment framework that works with multiple payment gateway providers
  • Superior adoption of mobile payment and deeper engagement through the convenience of mixing points and money and seamless payments experience
  • Supports all the leading Cards and App-based Wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay